Little Known Facts About facebook διαχειριση διαφημισεων.

However their Mind-set towards nationalist teams is helpful. They advertise nationalist functions with the webpage beneath the pretext of their “anti-occupation battle” and distinction toward a federal solution in Cyprus.

The positioning reveals customers how Facebook categorizes them. It doesn’t reveal the information it's acquiring about their offline life. Instead, we chose extra classes that popped up whenever we typed in “jew h”: “The best way to burn up Jews,” and “Heritage of ‘why jews ruin the entire world.

για τα indymedia ως μέσα είπα την γνώμη και δεν χρειάζεται να την επαναλάβω

εν υποστιριζετε την βια αλλα στον αντιεξουσιαστικο και αναρχικο χωρο εχει πολλους που την υποστιριζουν.

Dwell-streaming a marshland for entertaining - and science A safeguarded marshland continues to be wired with sensors, cameras and microphones to produce a virtual reality earth inspired by mother nature's rhythms

το άτομο αυτό μάλιστα δεν διστάζει να κάνει αναφορά σε μένα χωρίς εγώ καν να έχω κανει παρέμβαση σε άλλα site που απλά διαφωνούν με την δική του πολιτική σκέψη

Amazon gives vacation reward to clients Starting nowadays, The large retail organization will provide free shipping to Everybody without least order.

The FBI Academy is dedicated to remaining the globe’s Leading law enforcement Studying and analysis Centre and an advocate for regulation enforcement’s ideal methods worldwide.

Τώρα έρχουνται να πουν "μα εγώ εντζεν..." Επαναστάτες του γλυκού νερού. Έ,το και τούτοι εγκαταλείπουν το πλοίο των κατήγορων.

μάλλον υπάρχει η τάση ταπελοποιησης και ο καθένας να έχει το δικό του τσιφλικάκι

σε σχέση με την ουσία των όσων γράφεις αγαπητέ Σόλωνα θα σταθώ σε αυτό που θεωρώ κεντρικό και ουσιώδες:

...Helen was in charge of the negotiations. Eventually they paid out for the new electric installation of your setting up, gave us a copier device, a computer, air ailment, places of work and chairs As well as in return we run the spot as Middle for NGO's for six months.

Ofertar agora Artist/Painter for my 'Greek On The Street' food truck Encerrado remaining I am developing get more info a foods truck and I'm looking at acquiring it painted which has a 'graffiti' experience to go While using the topic of 'Greek on the street' the initial pic is really a fundamental topic of what I would love.

At that time, we did not discover any anti-Semitic categories, but we do not know if we captured all of Facebook’s attainable ad classes, or if these groups had been included later on. A Facebook spokesman didn’t respond to a question about in the event the categories were released.

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